Privacy Policy

“ IVIM Technology “ values your personal information (the “ company “) and complies with the Act on Promotion of
Information Network Utilization and Information Protection.

The company will inform you of the uses and methods in which the personal information you provide is used and what actions are being taken to protect your personal information.
The company will notify the company through a notice (or individual notice) of the website if it changes the privacy policy.

ο Privacy Policy Notice Day : 16 May 2018
ο This policy will be enforced starting [16 May 2018].

Agreement to Personal Information Collection
The company agrees to the personal information collection by providing a procedure for you to click the “ I agree “ button or the “ I do not agree “ button regarding the contents of the company’s Privacy Policy or terms of use.

Child privacy
ο If the company collects personal information of children under the age of 14, the company will have the consent of a legal representative.
ο A legal representative of a child under 14 may request the child’s personal information to be accessed, corrected, or withdrawn from consent. Upon such request, the company shall take necessary action without delay.

Items in the personal information you collect
The company collects the following personal information for membership registration, counseling, service application, etc.
ο Collection items : name, date of birth, gender, login ID, password, home phone number, home address, mobile phone number, email, job, marital status, resident registration number, service use log, cookie, IP information
ο Personal Information Collection Method : Home page (sign - up, bulletin board, etc.), delivery request

Purpose of personal information collection and utilization
The company utilizes the collected personal information for the following purposes :
ο Fulfillment of contract regarding service provision and settlement according to service provision

Deliver content, pay for purchase and charges, ship merchandise or billing, etc.
ο Member management

Identification, personal identification, prevention and prevention of fraudulent use of defective members, checking whether to sign up, verifying age, processing complaints of legal representatives when collecting personal information of children under 14 years of age, etc.
ο Use for marketing and advertising

The transmission of advertising information, such as events, frequency of access, or statistics on member service use
However, sensitive personal information (racial and ethnic, thought and creed, origin and place of origin, political orientation and criminal records, health and sexual condition, etc.) that may be a violation of users ‘ basic human rights is not collected.

Retention and utilization of personal information
ο Your personal information will be destroyed when the purpose of collecting or providing personal information is achieved as follows :
- In case of membership information, when a member has left or is expelled from the membership.
- for payment information, when the payment is complete or the bond expiration period expires
- Except in case of shipping information, when goods or services are delivered or provided (however, they need to be preserved according to statutory regulations, such as commercial law).)
ο If you need to retain it despite the period of ownership above, we will receive your consent.

Procedure and method for destruction of personal information
In principle, the company shall destroy such information without delay after the purpose of personal information collection and utilization has been achieved. The destruction procedures and methods are as follows.
ο Procedure for destruction
The information you enter for membership registration is transferred to a separate database after the purpose has been achieved (in case of paper, the information is stored according to the internal policy and other related statutes) and the reasons for the information protection. Any personal information transferred to a separate DB shall not be used for any purpose other than that held by law.
ο Methods of destruction
- Personal information stored in electronic file form is deleted using technical methods that can not be played back.

Personal information provided
In principle, the company does not provide any personal information outside the company. Except in the following cases.
- In case users agree in advance
- In case there is a request from the investigation agency according to the regulations of the Act or according to the procedures and methods specified in the Act for investigation purposes ;

Consignment of personal information collected
The company may expunge your personal information to improve service.
ο In the event of consignment of personal information processing, we will notify you in advance.
ο In case of consignment of processing of personal information, the service provider will keep the order related to the protection of personal information through consignment contracts, keep the privacy secret, prevent the provision of a third party from providing the information, and clarify the liability of the accident.

- Consigned by : [Courtesy name]
- Consignment details : [Consignment details] Yes) Delivery
- Consigned by : [PGA name]
- Consignment details : [PGA consigned] Example) Purchase and payment

User and legal representative rights and event navigation
Users can view or modify their personal information registered at any time, or request cancellation of subscription.
To check and modify personal information of the users, click " Sign - out " (or " Revoke Member Information ") to cancel sign - up personal information change (or change member information).
Or, please contact the Director of Personal Information Management by writing, phone or e-mail without delay.

If you have requested correction for errors in your personal information, you will not use or provide such personal information until you have completed the correction. In addition, if the wrong personal information has already been provided to a third party, the results of the correction will be notified to the third party without delay to ensure the correction takes place.

The company shall not process personal information that has been canceled or deleted at the request of the users as specified in " Retention and utilization period of personal information collected by the company ", and shall use it for other purposes.

Technical measures for personal information protection
The following technical measures are taken to ensure safety in handling your personal information :
ο Your personal information is password protected and sensitive data is protected through separate security functions by encrypting files and transfer data or by using the file lock function (Lock).
The company is taking steps to prevent damage caused by computer viruses by using a vaccine program. The vaccine program is updated periodically and prevents personal information from being compromised by providing a sudden outbreak of the virus as soon as the vaccine is released.
ο The company uses a security device (SSL or SET) to securely transmit personal information on the network using a cryptographic algorithm.
ο To prevent your personal information from leaking through hacking, we are using devices that prevent intrusion from outside and install intrusion detection systems for 24 hours per server.

Matters concerning the installation, operation, and refusal of a personal information automatic collection system
The company operates cookies, which store and locate your information from time to time. Cookies are tiny text files that the server used to run OOO's website sends to your browser and are stored on your computer's hard disk.

Companies use cookies to :
▶ Purpose of use such as cookies
- Target marketing and personalized services are provided through analysis of the frequency of members and non-members ' access or visit times, tracking and tracking their tastes and interests, and understanding of the degree of participation in various events and visitor returns.
You have the option to install cookies. Therefore, you may allow all cookies by setting the options in your web browser, check them every time they are saved, or refuse to save all cookies.
▶ How to reject cookie settings
Example : As a method of rejecting cookie settings, you can allow all cookies, check each time you save cookies, or refuse to save all cookies.
Example of an establishment method (for Internet Explorer)
: Tools at the top of your web browser > Internet Options > Privacy
However, if you refuse to install cookies, you may experience difficulties in providing the service.

Civil Information Civil Service
In order to protect the customer's personal information and to handle complaints regarding personal information, the company has designated the relevant department and personal information management manager as follows :
Personal Information Management Manager Statement :
Phone number : 042-825-7450
You can use the company's services to report any personal information protection related complaints to the Director of Personal Information Management or to the responsible department. The company will respond promptly and sufficiently to the users ' reports.

If you need to report or discuss other personal information violations, please contact the following organization :
1. Personal Dispute Coordination Committee jojeong
2. Information Protection Mark Certification Committee (
3. . Internet Crime Investigation Center (
4. Police Agency Cyber Terror Response Center