Upcoming Webinar (Jan 13, 2022) In Vivo Application – Brain Visualization with IntraVital Microscope
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Webinar for Intravital Microscopy Imaging

IntraVital Microscopy?
Intravital microscopy can visualize various in vivo cellular-level dynamics such as cell trafficking, cell-to-cell or cell-to-microenvironment interactions in a living animal. Intravital imaging of cellular dynamics in natural in vivo microenvironment inside live animal model can provide unprecedented insights in the dynamic pathophysiology of human diseases those were impossible to obtain through conventional histological observation of ex vivo sample or in vitro culture sample. During the last decade, the intravital microscopy has become a highly valuable, indispensable technique in wide areas of biomedical sciences such as immunology, neuroscience, developmental and tumor biology. In vivo visualizations of gene expression, protein activity, cell trafficking, cell-cell / cell-microenvironment interactions and various physiological responses to external stimuli have been achieved. Additionally, it’s a unique tool for the development of new therapeutics and diagnostics by providing improved accuracy and reliability in in vivo target validation with delivery monitoring and efficacy assessment. It has been used to directly analyze the delivery and efficacy of new biopharmaceuticals such as antibodies, cell therapy, gene therapy, nucleic acids and exosome in an in vivo microenvironment. 
Series #1 - Webinar (Virtual Demo)

Date : 2022. 1. 13 (Thu), 2pm (GMT+9, Korea)
Title : In Vivo Application – Brain Visualization with IntraVital Microscope
Speaker : PhD Soyeon Selina Ahn (Field Aplication Specialist, IVIM Technology)
* This webinar will be provided in Korean. If you want to join the webinar in English, please send email to us (information@ivimtech.com).